Top 20 Youngest billionaires in the world!

Being a billionaire before age 30 is not impossible. After all, Mark Zuckerberg was only 23 years old when he joined this very closed circle.

In the ranking, 20 people aged 30 and under have assets exceeding $ 1 billion. While many are lucky enough to have wealthy parents, others have also been successful in setting up their own businesses, such as Zuckerberg. 

20/20 Cheng Wei - 36 years old

Cheng Wei

With $1.2 billion, Cheng Wei is now one of the richest people in the world. His fortune is the fruit of many actions. After founding Didi Chuxing, he acquired Uber China in 2016.

19/20 Ludwig Theodor Braun - 29 years old

Ludwig Theodor Braun

Ludwig is the mysterious cousin of Eva Maria. He, too, inherited the fortune of the founder of B. Braun Melsungen; no wonder he does not want to reveal his appearance! It avoids him to meet many vultures. At present, his fortune is estimated at $ 1 billion; a little less than his cousin.

18/20 Colin Huang - 39 years old

Colin Huang

Colin Huang is the founder of Pinduoduo, a Chinese e-commerce site that is one of the country's leaders. His fortune is estimated at $ 13.5 billion.

17/20 John Collison - 28 years old

John Collison

John Collison is Patrick's younger brother. Both have built their own fortune of $ 2.1 billion.

16/20 Patrick Collison - 30 years old

Patrick Collison

The young thirty-something Irish has a fortune estimated at nearly 2.1 billion dollars. This money he earned with dignity by co-founding the company Stripe with his younger brother, John.

15/20 Wang Yue - 35 years old

Wang Yue

Wang Yue is an entrepreneur specializing in video games and online games. CEO of Shanghai Kingnet Technology, his fortune is estimated at $ 1.1 billion.

14/20 Robert Cornelius aka Bobby Murphy - 30 years old

Robert Cornelius aka Bobby Murphy

Bobby is an American engineer who co-founded Snapchat alongside Evan Spiegel. His fortune is now estimated at $ 2.2 billion.

13/20 Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke - 32 years old

Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke

Eva Maria Braun-Luedicke owes her fortune to her family: she owns 12% of B. Braun Melsungen, a company specializing in medical technology. His fortune is now estimated at $ 1.3 billion.

12/20 Jihan Wu - 33 years old

Jihan Wu

Jihan Wu arrives this year in the standings. Co-founder of Bitmain, he has a fortune of 1.5 billion dollars.

11/20 Dustin Moskovitz - 34 years old

Dustin Moskovitz

This 30-year-old has the entrepreneurial spirit for a long time. While still a university student, Dustin is involved in Facebook's founding. A few years later, he will found another company: Asana. It is worth $ 11.2 billion today.

10/20 Gustav Magnar Witzøe - 24 years old

Gustav Magnar Witzøe

Definitely, Norway is the breeding ground for many young people. With $ 3 billion, Gustav is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. He owes all this to his father, who founded SalMar, a salmon farming company (one of the world leaders in the field). Mannequin in his spare time, the fop has everything for him ... He's missing a girlfriend! Singles, to your CVs!

9/20 Lukas Walton - 32 years old

Lukas Walton

Lukas Walton has one of the highest fortunes of our rankings: hang in there, the heir to the founder of Walmart has a fortune amounting to $ 15.8 billion.

8/20 Yang Huiyan - 37 years old

Yang Huiyan

The 37-year-old Chinese heiress has a fortune estimated at $ 22.1 billion. His father left him nearly 57% of his company Country Garden Holdings.

7/20 Alexandra Andresen - 22 years old

Alexandra Andresen

Alexandra is Katharina Andresen's sister (as her last name suggests). Like her sister, she owns 42% of her father's company, and her fortune is also estimated at $ 1.4 billion.

6/20 Katharina Andresen - 23 years old

Katharina Andresen

The Norwegian has a fortune of 1.4 billion dollars. All this wealth comes from the company of his father, the investment fund Ferd Holding.

5/20 Nathan Blecharczyk - 35 years old

Nathan Blecharczyk

Nathan Blecharczyk is the co-founder of Airbnb, the famous platform that allows individuals to rent and rent homes. His fortune now stands at $ 3.7 billion.

4/20 Anna Kasprzak - 29 years old

Anna Kasprzak

Anna Kasprzak of Denmark is heir to a shoe factory: ECCO. Thanks to her family, she has a fortune estimated at $ 1 billion. But the billionaire is also known for her riding skills: she participated in Rio 2016.

3/20 Evan Spiegel - 28 years old

Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel is THE founder-star of Snapchat. The famous social network allowed him to build a fortune of 2.1 billion dollars. Although he has not grown up in need (he is the son of rich lawyers), Evan Spiegel is a self-made man: most of his fortune comes from his own company. Today, under 30, everything succeeds: professional life, family accomplished (he is the happy husband of Miranda Kerr) ... What to do a lot of jealous.

2/20 Kylie Jenner - 21 years old

Kylie Jenner

instagram @kyliejenner

Contrary to what one might think, Kylie Jenner is a self made. Her fortune, she owes to her, and to herself. At the height of his 21 years, Travis Scott's sulky companion is at the head of a colossal fortune amounting to $1 billion.

1/20 Mark Zuckerberg - 34 years old

Mark Zuckerberg

No need to present it. The founder of Facebook has a net worth of 62.3 billion dollars.

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