Two and a Half Men back? Charlie Sheen is ready and wants to erase the end

4 years after the release of her last episode, Will Two and a Half Men be back on television soon? This is the wish of Charlie Sheen, the star of the first 8 seasons, who dreams including erase the end of the series.

two and a hal men back

Two and A Half Men back?

From season 9 to season 12 of the series Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen was replaced by Ashton Kutcher - who was wearing a brand new character, the fault including unacceptable behavior backstage on his part and tensions with Chuck Lorre, the creator. Yet 4 years after the end of the comedy, 8 years after his hasty departure, Charlie Sheen has clearly still not turned the page.

Guest on the set of the show Loose Women to talk about his career, the interpreter of Charlie Harper was thus open to the idea of taking up his famous role on the screen: "I think that as long as all the people involved are alive and ready, so there is obviously a possibility [of a return of Two and a Half Men] There is a fashion currently with these reboots and I think it would be one of those that would motivate the public to watch. "

Charlie Sheen wants to erase the end

And here, if you've seen the end of the show, you have to say, "Well he's stupid, we see Charlie die in the last episode, and even if the show came back, he could not." And that's not wrong. Except after having proposed "This return would not need to last 5 new years, it could be cool to just make two small seasons", Charlie Sheen has mischievously said: "And that would finish the series as it should have ". In other words: it does not validate the current end and does not take it into account.

Not sure that Chuck Lorre - who is about to say goodbye to The Big Bang Theory, is convinced, but we still cross the fingers. A trio Charlie / Alan / Walden could be very funny to follow.

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