Videogame: addiction to Fortnite, 9 years from the psychotherapist

THE most successful free to play game ever on consoles. A phenomenon that has also extended to smartphones since March. At the center of Fortnite the concept of the 'battle royale' games, a shooter in which the last one that survives in a limited context wins. The origin of the phenomenon, which has its roots in Japan, is the PlayerUnknown Battle Grounds game released last year. And precisely followed by Fortnite, at least in its variant of this type, even if the game was already announced in 2011. A phenomenon - that of the hundred users all against all in a map that progressively shrinks - that is reaping a resounding success and a lot of money: April grossed $ 300 million through in-app purchases to improve performance. The support from athletes and VIPs multiplies, which has transformed the game into something more than a video game.

Videogame: addiction to Fortnite, 9 years from the psychotherapist

Apparently it is also giving rise to rather worrying addiction phenomena. A story, reported by the Mirror, aligns with this reading. A nine-year-old British girl ended up in rehab after showing worrying signs of addiction to Epic's video game. He woke up secretly at night and even played up to 10 hours in a row, he avoided going to the bathroom, he hit his father when he tried to remove the Xbox One given to her last January and on which he had precisely downloaded and installed Fortnite

The problems manifested themselves with some rapidity even at school, already at the end of March: "We were called by his teacher who asked if everything was ok", explained the parents. The girl had fallen asleep a few times in class and her grades were in free fall, explained mother Carol. "When we asked her what the problem was, she became strangely silent and aggressive," he added. Not only that: on the credit card statement of the parents began to arrive charges from about 60 euros per month, which the girl admitted to be linked to the purchase of extras such as aesthetic changes to the character on Fornite.

The parents explained that they had limited playing time on the Xbox to one hour on school nights and two on the weekend. But the situation became more serious: "She was so caught up in the game that she didn't even want to go to the bathroom," explained the mother. So the search for help and the beginning of a psychotherapy path to get rid of the obsession with Fortnite that would be progressively functioning, also thanks to sports activities. Just nine years old. But the Pegi indication of the record title, to be honest, would indicate a minimum threshold of 12 years to be able to play.

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