When will the Champion and the Europa league play?

The crown virus emergency has turned the whole sports world upside down.  A meeting was held for the champions and the Ueropa league on March 17 to decide the future of the champions and the Europa league.  There are no certain dates but there are hypotheses.


 The first hypothesis is for April 14th

 The second is for April 28th

 The third is for May 5th

 The fourth is for May 22nd

 The fifth for June 1st

 Instead for the last hypothesis it is for June 18th


 Here is the calendar of the postponed matches of the champions:

 Manchester City-Real Madrid

 WAY: 2-1

 Juventus-Olympique Lyonnais

 WAY: 0-1


 WAY: 1-1

 Bayern München-Chelsea

 WAY: 3-0


 Here is the schedule of the postponed matches of the Europa league


 WAY: 0-0


 WAY: 0-0


 WAY: 1-1


 WAY: 3-1

 Shakhtar Donetsk-Wolfsburg

 WAY: 2-1


 WAY: 3-0

 Manchester United-Lask

 WAY: 5-0

 Copehagen-Istanbul Başekşehir

 WAY: 0-1

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